Festival 2022

performance description and tickets

dec 17-18


Choreographer Alexander Frolov's performance examines the evolution of dance technique as a metaphor for human development. From awkward and snuggly infancy the dancer passes through mischievous childhood, difficult adolescence and beautiful youth to conscious adulthood. The history of the dance technique is manifested in different genres and styles: it is specifically evident in the example of classical and contemporary dance. Beginning with the parterre technique, simple steps and positions, the infant dancer gradually rises, straightens up and moves on to the playful dance game, which inevitably breaks off into professional reflection and inability to overcome one' own body. The authors of the piece tell the story of the emergence of the professional dancer, and guide the audience through the birth of dance with tenderness, kind irony, and expertise.


"Why am I dancing" is staged with dancers from Context's first project dance group.



Alexander Frolov


Alina Kostareva, Elizaveta Mazurkevich, Ksenia Burmistrova, Rinat Khanjyan, Damir Smailov


Pavel Glukhov


Dmitry Ustinov

stage artist

Ksenia Kochubey