Festival 2022

dance performance program

sept 23-25 /

Winzavod - Moscow

soon /


The Dance Performance Programme brings together the works of six choreographers, all of whom have been participants in the Context Competition, in different years. Each of the authors will present their own creative reality, their “real,” that which these authors exercise while engaging in choreography here and now. The performances all touch on the topic of “one’s life” as the prime goal of art and creative practice. Both of the latter are connected to imitation, self-discovery, accomplishment, and legacy. These aspects are likewise performative categories manipulated by the choreographers. The aesthetic autonomy of each author is namely what defines the true context of contemporary dance.

The programme consists of five parts without intermission and will take place in three locations. Thus, the viewer will have the chance to watch the dance action from “different points-of-view.”  

Duration: 90 min. 


Ivan Yestegneyev

Project Choreographers

Elizaveta Zhukova and Maria Zhukova, Lilia Burdinskaya, Alexander Frolov, Andrei Korolenko, and Anna Shchekleina