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Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Context. Diana Vishneva comes to the museums and presents the film programme

Context. Diana Vishneva announces the partners of the performance «Equal Elevations»the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Fabergé Museum — as well ad the film programme in collaboration with Beat Films,.

The main focus of the festival in 2019 is going beyond the boundaries of language, genre, space, age and geography. Space experiments are reflected in the  Equal Elevations by La Veronal, where the dance fits into the  off-stage space, helping the audience to take a fresh look at the choreography and location. Choreographer Marcus Morau conceived the production as a dialogue between dancers and Richard Serra’s sculpture “Equal-Parallel / Guernica-Benghazi”, which is located in the National Museum “Queen Sofia Art Center” in Madrid.

Partners of Russian shows «Equal Elevations» became the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg. On December 4 and 5, La Veronal will perform in the Italian courtyard of the Pushkin Museum, and on December 9 visitors will see the production in the White Columns Hall of the Faberge Museum.

This year the film program of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva transformed into a series of three high-profile film premieres, organised by Beat Films, the division of the Beat Film Festival. Film screenings will become a full part of the main program of the festival along with productions of international dance companies and the premieres of Russian choreographers.

The film programme will be opened by the Russian premiere of  “Cunningham” by Alla Kovgan in 3D. The screenings will be held on December 1 and 2 in Moscow, December 6 - in St. Petersburg. As part of the film program, the audience will be able to see "Ballet Now” by Steven Cantor. Moscow film screenings will be held on December 3 and 6, St. Petersburg screening - on December 7. The festival will also present a documentary film by Louis Wallecan “Lil’ Buck: Real Swan” on December 4 and 7 in Moscow and on December 8 in St. Petersburg.