Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Context. Diana Vishneva 2019 Parallel programme

October 8-13, the parallel programme events will be held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: discussions, choreography workshops, and the laboratory of lighting design and photo documentation of movement.

Participants of the lighting design laboratory will discuss the relationship between visual design and performance,  light and music. The topic of the practical part of the laboratory is the combination of light and video projection. The lab will be led by Eric Berglund, a lighting designer who works with Mats Ek, as well as Annie Tådne and Niklas Kirkkomaki. The laboratory will be held with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Russia.

The lab on alternative documentation of movement by the photographer Maria Demyanova will help participants to form their own vision of a dancer and give artistic value to the final images. Photographers will plunge into the process of documenting rehearsals and performances, working on stage and backstage, and creating portraits. Participants will be able to practice during the rehearsals and the Young Choreographers Competiton Finale.

Tatiana Baganova, choreographer, artistic director of the Provincial Dances Theatre and Olga Pautova, stage designer, director of the Provincial Dance Theatre, will hold a public talk «Young choreographers: landmark, trajectories and lighthouses light» and discuss how a dancer becomes a choreographer, how a dialogue with the audience is built, how traditions and authorities influence contemporary choreography.

In addition to the discussion, Tatiana Baganova will conduct a workshop in choreography “Method of involvement”. Participants are going to hone the skills of conscious movement and the consistent involvement of body parts in movement. 

The choreographic workshop by Nicole Kohlmann, a German dancer and independent choreographer working with Marco Goecke, will be aimed at exploring the choreographic language of Marco Goecke.

Registration for discussion and acceptance of applications for laboratories and workshops will start by September 25.


Parallel programme in October:

  • Lighting Design Laboratory with Eric Berglund, Annie Tådne and Niklas Kirkkomaki:

Moscow - October 8-10, Electrotheater named after Stanislavsky.

  • Workshop on alternative photo documentation of the movement with Maria Demyanova:

Moscow - October 8-10, Gogol Center.

  • Public talk with Tatiana Baganova and Olga Pautova «Young choreographers: landmark, trajectories and lighthouses light»:

Moscow - October 8, the site will be announced later,

St. Petersburg - October 12, the site will be announced later.

  • Choreography workshop with Tatiana Baganova:

Moscow - October 8, 9, the site will be announced later,

St. Petersburg - October 11, 12, Diana Vishneva Context Pro Studio.

  • Choreography workshop with Nicole Kohlmann:

Moscow - October 10, the site will be announced later,

St. Petersburg - October 12, Diana Vishneva Studio Context Pro.


The film programme of the festival will be held in December, the schedule will be announced later.