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Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Context. Diana Vishneva special festival program at New Holland Island

On August 22, the unique Context. Diana Vishneva Festival program, which was created especially for this evening, will be presented on the round stage in the courtyard of the Bottle House building at New Holland Island. 

The program will include performances and premieres from young finalist choreographers, and winners of the festival’s Young Choreographers Competition: Constantine Keyhelya, Olga Vasilyeva together with Anastasia Kadrulovoy, Olga Timoshenko, Alexey Kononov, Olga Labovkinoy, Anna Sheklein, Vladimir Varnava together with Dor Mamaliya and Dariusz Nowak, as well as Ernest Nurgali, a participant in Mind and Movement, a joint festival program with Studio Wayne McGregor. 

The culmination of the evening will be a solo from the ballet Switch performed by Diana Vishneva.