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Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Dialogue between space and body in Equal Elevations

La Veronal's Equal Elevations follows the topic of changing the boundaries. This performance fits the dance into non scenic space, giving you a chance to take a fresh look at the choreography and the place. The performance will be held in unexpected art locations in Moscow (December 4 and 5) and St. Petersburg (December 8).

Equal Elevations was born as a project created for the National Museum of Art Reina Sofía, in relation to the work of one of the most recognized living sculptors: Richard Serra. In room 102 of the museum is his sculpture Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi (1986). Marcos Morau starts on this occasion from a dialogue between the movement generated by his collective La Veronal and the sculpture that Richard Serra conceived, not as a reference to historical memory, but as a spatial experimentation and a temporal analogy of two historical facts: the bombings of Guernica (1937) and the attack of Bengasi (1986). The conversation here braided deals with the spatial contanct between dance and sculpture, between movement and weight, between lightness and gravity.

Accompanied by the music of Steve Reich, collaborating musician and friend of Richard Serra, La Veronal puts at the service its stroke and its morphological development of the movement to construct a labyrinth of significant complexity, a dialogue between the gravity of the body and its capacity of profusion and labyrinthine dispersion, an encounter between two matters that, being deeply opposed, meet in their habitability and their interior and perceptive movement.