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Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Saint Petersburg

Tickets for Mind and Movement gala concert at New Holland Island go on sale

Tickets are now on sale for Mind and Movement gala concert of contemporary dance festival Context. Diana Vishneva and Studio Wayne McGregor. The tickets can be purchased at New Holland Island information center.

During the festival's Context gala-evening at New Holland, a total of seven dance premiers will be performed – new arrangements by young Russian choreographers, created using the innovative methods of Wayne McGregor, one of today's leading choreographers and directors. The evening will be the final culmination of a major educational project aimed at choreographers across Russia organized by Studio Wayne McGregor. In Autumn 2017, successful applicants took part in an intensive two-day Mind and Movement technique masterclass, after which they were awarded a grant to create and stage their own arrangement in their home towns.

Mind and Movement is a truly unique educational programme developed by Wayne McGregor over decades of joint research with cognitive scientists. As a result of this revolutionary research, a set of choreographic thinking tools were developed that explore the use of imagery in the creation of movement. These tool shave been deployed  by the choreographers to develop enhance their practise.

On the evening at New Holland, the lucky winner who will receive an apprenticeship at London’s Studio Wayne McGregor will be chosen.