Parallel programme lighting

Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Saint Petersburg

Lighting Design Laboratory

Electrotheatre Stanislavsky
Starting time
3 days (October, 8-10)

The lighting design laboratory of Eric Berglund, Annie Tadne and Niklas Kirkkomaki will be dedicated to the study of the relationship between light and staging, adapting visuals to music and choreography. The topic of the practical part is working with the combination of lighting and video.

Participants will learn how to present ideas for both lighting and visuals in 3D programmes for a better understanding between a lighting designer, a stage designer, a director, and a choreographer.

A significant part of the workshop will be devoted to the ways of integrating visual effects into a stage production. Participants will discuss artistic issues: an interaction of lighting and staging, a balance between the visuals and the artists, and the ways the light complement and paraphrase music, drama, and poetry. We will also focus on the technical part: how to adjust the light to the projection, how the surfaces for the projection should be correlated with a video content, how to adjust LED screens to the lighting design.

As a result, participants will create a small performance for a given music and put one of the projects into practice — we will see how the lights and projections play together with the music. Eric Berglund will also share his experience working with the lightning in «Appartement » at the Bolshoi Theatre and «Walking Mad» which he did recently for the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre.

The cost of participation — 1500 ₽.

With the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Russia.

  • Erik Berglund, Sweden
  • Annie Tadne, Sweden
Erik Berglund

Lighting director and designer; works on productions in musical and drama theatres around the world. Owner, CEO and designer of Qpoint AB.

Erik constantly collaborates with choreographers Mats Ek and Johan Inger. He worked on famous ballets:

«Walking Mad», Johan Inger (Premiered in 2001 in the Netherlands Dance Theater. In 2019, the ballet was presented at the Brno Ballet, Czech Republic, and at the Moscow Musical Theatre)

«Sleeping Beauty», Mats Ek (Netherlands Dance Theater, 2014; Gothenburg Opera Ballet, 2010),

«Apartment», Mats Ek (Bolshoi Theatre, 2013; Royal Swedish Opera Ballet, Stockholm, 2004; National Opera of Paris, 2000),

«Swan Lake», Mats Ek (Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm, 2015)

Annie Tadne

Audiovisual artist from Stockholm.

Annie works within the intersection of art and technology, combines music, art, media, technology, and architecture in her works, uses audiovisual and performative ways of expression. The artist explores aspects of post-digitalism, where the combination of light, sound, space, materials, and structures can give new resonance to how we consider art and technology, and amplify the construction of a reality that is active and dynamic.

Her works were presented in museums in London and Stockholm, at the  Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden and The Opera House, Umeå, Sweden.