Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Competition for young choreographers

How to Apply

To apply please provide a detailed proposal of your piece. Your choreographic intention must meet the following criteria:

  • The length of the piece is limited to between 6 and 10 minutes;
  • The required number of performers is from 2 to 8;
  • The work has to be created for the purpose of the Context. Diana Vishneva festival;
  • Any changes to the concept of the work, its subject, genre or number of performers therein are not permitted throughout the competition;
  • All applicants must submit a rehearsal video of the work they wish to present at the competition, along with a detailed explanation of the idea.
  • Finalists must submit (unedited) video recordings of their completed works no later than 1 month before the opening of the festival.


  • February – June: application stage;
  • July – August: selection of finalists;
  • August – October: production of the piece;
  • October: competition finale, award ceremony.

Production Period

The festival assists the contestants in producing their works and transforming their artistic vision into reality. We provide both studio and stage rehearsals, while our technical staff help with lighting plots, sound settings and the adaptation of choreographies to each stage.

Competition Rules and Regulations (In Russian, PDF)

If your work is not eligible for the competition for some reason (for example, you have got ample experience, a dance company of your own, you perform with a team of associates), you are welcome to participate in our open call Context Open.

Additional information: info@contextfest.com