Diana Vishneva's Context festival

Competition for young choreographers

The competition has been held annually since 2013 as part of Context. Diana Visheva contemporary dance festival. Over the years, it has grown into a flagship event with its own structure, programme and audience. Over the years, it has evolved from a small experimental project to a major event with its own structure, programme and audience.


The young choreographers competition recognizes and fosters aspiring talent in the Russian contemporary dance scene, helping them bring their creative visions to life. The competition contributes to the development and promotion of contemporary choreography both in Russia and around the world.


The competition has a history of supporting and nurturing new voices in contemporary dance in Russia. Winning the Context. The Context. Diana Visheva competition winners – Vladimir Varnava, Konstantin Keykhel, Liliya Burdinskaya, Olga Vasilieva, Olga Labovkina, Olga Timoshenko, Kirill Radev and other young choreographers – have gone on to have thriving global careers. Now their names can be spotted among the winners and jury members of the most prestigious theatre awards, while their works take over the repertoire of the leading musical theatres and international touring programmes and participate in festivals worldwide.

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Timeline and Procedures

The competition has three stages:

  • Call for applications.
    During this period, the competition becomes an all-Russian young choreography talent show – at its best and finest. The applicants are mostly students of dance schools and academies from all over Russia and promising choreographers with relevant experience / some professional experience.
  • Shortlist selection.
    An expert panel comprised of the festival founder, the competition curator and industry professionals reviews hundreds of entries to select the finalists.
  • Production and rehearsals, evaluation of completed works by a top international jury.
    During the festival, in autumn, the finalists present their pieces to the international jury comprised of some of the biggest names in choreography, as well as to audiences in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In previous editions of the competition the jury included Hans van Manen, Christopher Stowell, Edward Klug, Mats Ek and other prominent figures.


The winner of the competition traditionally receives a grant for a training programme at one of the world's best contemporary dance companies.

The Сompetition for Young Choreographers is not about ranking and grading, deciding who is the best or handing out a verdict. It is a platform to share experience, think outside the box and create. Here up-and-coming choreographers get to compose and showcase their works through experimentation and self-expression. We encourage contestants to believe in themselves, challenge them to expand and improve their skills and provide them with constructive feedback (and advice) from established experts.

— Anastasia Yatsenko, Curator of the young choreographers competition